Finding the money to travel is tough and most people don’t get to go away as often as they would like to. But if you are serious about traveling more often as I do, there are ways that you can find the money. If you can cut back on some of your biggest expenses, all of that extra money can be put towards your next trip. These are some of the biggest expenses that you can cut to save money for travel. 


Health Costs 

Looking after your health is important, but it can be expensive. If you wear glasses, for example, you probably spend a lot of money on a new pair whenever you need one. But the thing is, you’re probably spending too much if you go to a high street optician instead of heading online. There are some great guides that help you to find cheap glasses (follow the link to read it) so you can put all of that extra money into your travel fund. If you take medication on a regular basis, you should shop around for that online as well because you can usually find better deals. It’s also worth taking a look at your health insurance plan as well to see if you can save money there as well. 


So many companies use subscription models these days and most of us have at least one TV subscription and you might have a gym subscription or a monthly food box subscription as well. The problem is, people start these subscriptions and then forget they even have them, so they’re paying for things that they never use. It’s worth checking what subscriptions you have and cancelling the ones that you don’t use very often. 

Car Costs 

Owning and running a car is incredibly expensive when you add up the insurance and fuel costs, so why not try using it less often? Most places have good public transport links that you can use instead or you could even try walking or cycling instead of driving. It’s a lot better for your health and the planet and all of the money that you save can go straight into your travel fund. 

Phone Costs 


You can’t really do without a mobile phone these days, but are you spending more than you need to? If you pay for the latest phone, the monthly contract can be very expensive. The thing is, a phone that is a year or two old will do pretty much the exact same thing that a brand new model does and it’ll cost a fraction of the price. You don’t need to upgrade to a brand new phone every time your contract runs out either.

A lot of people are also paying for a landline phone that they never use, so that’s money down the drain every month. If you get rid of your landline and switch to a cheaper mobile contract, you can save plenty of money. 

Cutting back on these big monthly expenses is a lot easier than you think and you will find it a lot easier to save for your next trip. If you want to travel long term, you should also look at different ways to earn while you travel.