Growing organic mint

Mint is tasty, fragrant and can be used in pretty much everything from spicing up your dishes to just being enjoyed in a glass of cold water.

On top of that, it is super easy to grow from a simple cutting. So let us look at how to plant your own organic mint.

Buy the mint that you like

Mint bunch

The easiest thing to do in my opinion is to just head to the shops and buy your favorite type. Look for a bunch that has some long stems and pick one taking off any leaves at the bottom to get a good base.

Starting your plant

Growing mint from cuttings

Take your cutting and stick it in a small pot with moist soil.

If you are doing your own pot like using a yogurt one like in the picture above, don’t forget to make some small holes at the bottom.

Leave your baby plant in a sunny area and transplant to a larger pot or in the ground when you see either new leaves or a runner coming out of the soil.

Caring for your mint plant

Mint plant

Mint is a sturdy plant and requires minimal care. Make sure to water it often so that the soil stays moist and keep it in a sunny place.

The secret to a healthy plant is to harvest it often, picking the young leaves. They are also the most flavorsome.

Don’t forget that mint is a runner plant and will spread above and below ground given the opportunity. So either plant it where there is space for it to spread or in a nice pot if you want it in a more controlled area.


Handy tip

A cool thing to do is to add a mint leaf in the water when you are making ice cubes. You will then have some awesome mint flavored ice cubes! Why not add it to your Rooibos passion fruit iced tea.