Having a severe case of wanderlust, I am always planning your next trip abroad. However, it can be tough to find a way to balance your responsibilities and traveling as much as you would like. If you love to experience different cultures and love to explore new places, then being stuck in one place can leave you feeling restless and longing for your next adventure. Needing to save the money for your travels can take a long time, but it is possible to fulfill your travel dreams without needing to spend years saving your money to make it a reality. Instead, why not try it my way and ‘work’ as you travel? 


Working while you travel no longer means spending hours in the scorching sunlight picking grapes, or needing to take a job teaching English as a foreign language. Nowadays, the power of the internet and social media means that there are many ways to earn money while you are traveling. Here are some of the ways that you can make some extra cash while you see the world!




If you have a passion for travel, why not share your enthusiasm with the world by setting up a travel blog? While blogging may not earn you big money at the start, if you persevere, you should be able to enjoy some income from it if it attracts a reasonable number of followers. 


Travel is something that many people want to do more, so travel blogs often have an aspirational quality to them. As a frequent traveler, you will be able to provide plenty of jet-setting inspo for your followers, along with many useful travel tips. Charting your journey in a travel blog is not only a good idea to help you make some more money to fund your travels, but it is also an excellent way to document your adventures.


Photography also plays a vital role in travel blogs. Capturing stunning images of your travels will not only add visual impact to your blog, but you may also be able to sell your pictures to generate an extra income stream.



If you want to minimize the amount of time that you spend working while still trying to earn money, then you may want to give trading a try. Before you get started, it is wise to do your research, especially if you are new to trading as this will enable you to gain an idea of how it works and which investments would be best for you. There are many different ways to trade, such as CFD Trading of swaps, options, and futures, so it helps to familiarize yourself with your choices.


The great thing about trading is that you can do it from anywhere so long as you can connect to the internet. 


If you want to fulfill your travel dreams while making money at the same time, all you need is a reliable internet connection, and your phone or computer to earn while you explore the world.