Since the start of this journey, I have had the chance to have the amazing support of brands that have believed in me and helped achieve my dreams.


Surfboard Shaper

Brands - Album Surfboards

Album Surfboards


I discovered Album while I was immobilized in my hospital bed after my accident and fell in love with Matt’s shapes straight away. I could really visualize the lines that the boards would draw; how it would glide on the waves.

When I contacted Matt, I only had words to offer and yet he chose to believe in me. I have since then been able to surf 4 different models and they really allowed me to progress my surfing to a new level.

Album surfboards’ really have a philosophy of its own in their shape. The idea is simple; a means for YOU to have fun and to express yourself.

Passion, art, and craftsmanship under your feet!



Board grip and traction

Brands - RSPro


I discovered RSpro while researching how to be friendlier towards the environment as a surfer; to live by my motto ‘Don’t try to change the world, change Your World’. As surfers, we spend most of our free time in the water so protecting Mother Nature should be one of our priorities.

Most of surf waxes on the market contain petrochemicals that are bad for the beach, reefs, and eco-system in general. There are a few organic surf waxes out there and a lot of them are doing a great job in keeping it clean, but it still didn’t cut it for me. I needed something avant-garde, a revolution and that’s when I went for RSpro

No mess, no hassle, no worrying about different water temperatures and clean ocean. All boxes ticked






With an influence in music and visual, I went to Electrocaine to bring my blog design to the next level. I needed to able to pitch my idea to someone that would understand the feeling I wanted to push through and found it easy to communicate with them.

Check out their array of work, from DJing to producing, visuals and designs.