Since the start of this journey, I have had the chance to have the amazing support of brands that have believed in me and helped me achieve my dreams.



DK Surfboards

I met Deano on the beach in Tamarin Bay; a calm and mysterious guy I would say. After the presentations from fellow Australian mates of his, we quickly created a bond. Birds of the same feather do surf together!

What really struck me was the unconventional surfboard shapes such as the ShortCut or Cuttle Bone that he was creating. But there was more to DK Surfboards than just its shapes.

Deano is a keen friend of the Ocean like myself and has been evolving his craftsmanship to bring more eco-friendly solutions to surfers. As such, he has worked on mind-blowing concepts such as basalt, flax, and hemp fiber.

Passion, art, and craftsmanship under your feet!

Find out more about Deano on dksurfboards



Octopus Diving Centre

Ran by Ludovic aka Octo, Octopus Diving Center is in the north of Mauritius, at the center of the action.

I met Octo on a lousy Friday night in a bar. As two ocean lovers, we didn’t have much to talk about until the word ‘diving’ came up. The connection was made there and then.

Octo dives with passion! He is one of those rare people that share that joy that I have to just dive to ‘feel’ the ocean. From sharks to weedy scorpionfish, his knowledge of the ocean and dive sites has been invaluable for me to capture the best that Mauritius has to offer in terms of underwater videography.