From the birth of an idea through doubts to realization, many people have been driving forces into making that whole dream come true.


Musician & Philanthropist

People - Scarlett De La Torre

Scarlett De La Torre


Scarlette has been a driving force for me in achieving what I have done so far. She has supported me and gave me the much-needed energy to rise from doubts of being able to make it into making it.

She is an amazing person that loves the ocean as much as I do and spends a lot of her effort in helping people the most in need. Check out her current work in helping refugees.




People - Simom Frows

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Simon is one of those people that you come up to with a final idea that you thought was awesome and after a chat with him, he turns that idea into another level of amazing. Truly gifted, he is able to draw down your thoughts and feelings.