Our mission is to empower YOU to make the change.


OceanVibration was born in 2016 out of the will of our founder, Krsna Bacha (ACA) to share his will for change. Having a life-threatening surfing accident was the greatest wake-up call for him, and thus he decided to focus his life and OceanVibration on waking up others in a gentler way.

That led to the question of what needs to be done and about what. The Ocean that provides life, food, pleasure, and peace amongst so many other things is in peril. The problem seemed to be everywhere though, not only with others’ actions but with our own. From the plastic in our boardshorts or lycra to the pesticide in our favorite veggies! How to tackle that? The world needs changing; that’s when the little lightbulb went on in our heads.

There is only one problem, and that is our actions!

We believe that the main issue is not that people are intrinsically bad. People are just misinformed, brainwashed, and worst of all ignorant. Yet, there is no need for shaming; you don’t know until you know! And neither did we on so much stuff, and we are still learning every day.

With that aim, OceanVibration has grown from an Instagram account sharing our founder’s passion for the ocean with mindfulness and environmental awareness at its center to what it is today. The core of what we do can be divided into the following:


Our mission is driven by a simple yet powerful belief that one protects what one loves. Thus we are driven by the need to make individuals fall in love with the Ocean in order to save it.

By empowering people with knowledge and skills we allow them to make the right choices toward what they have at heart; a sustainable way for future change.

We aim to achieve those goals through our core divisions, from educating to motivating people to get in the water more and enjoy its treasures.


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