Eco friendly drivers

Many of us nowadays rely on our own cars and trucks as our daily means of transport. As you well know, vehicles CO2 emissions have a major impact on our environment, so let us look at 5 simple ways of becoming a more eco friendly driver.

1. Avoid aggressive driving

With all the cars around and the limited amount of time, you can easily become quite aggressive in your driving. To be more eco friendly, you should aim at replacing harsh acceleration and breaking by a smoother driving technique achieved by keeping a good distance between you and the car in front. You can also let go of the accelerator early instead of breaking late.

2. Drive in high gear

You should aim at shifting up to the highest gear as soon as possible. This will allow you to avoid getting into high revolutions per minute and reduce your fuel consumption and Co2 emission; therefore making you an awesome eco friendly driver. It will also allow for a smoother ride which will help to get better at point 1. above.

3. Avoid idling

We tend now more than ever to spend most of our time stuck in traffic. As an eco friendly driver, it is of great importance that you switch off our engines when stuck in traffic. You should also apply this rule whenever your car will be still for a while, like for example when waiting to pick up someone or just dropping something back in the house.

4. Windows down, air-conditioning off

On a hot sunny day, you can easily be attracted to just putting the air-con on; especially to hear the radio better. But as an eco friendly driver, it is your responsibility to turn that air-con off and pull your windows down.

5. A healthy car for a healthy environment

Always ensure that your vehicle is well maintained and checked. You can do this by checking that the tyres pressure and oil levels are optimal and that all service are done as per schedule.

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