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I have often been criticized by activists for saying ‘don’ try to save the environment; save yourself and those around you’. So now that the corona virus is out and the environment is doing much better from the lack of human activities, let’s have a look at what you can do in those days of confinement.

Confinement is a great opportunity for you to do what you always complained that you didn’t have time to do.

Grow from home

I see many people on social media posting about getting bored at home and wasting time doing silly things while the corona virus is out. Take this time for you! The internet is a great portal to the world and offers loads of study material.

I have been studying Marine Biology on EDX and found it to be amazing. There are many such sites and online universities. A great thing with the EDX courses is that the course is free unless you want to be certified. So now is your chance to get on those studies you always wanted to follow!

Check out EDX.

Build a side source of income

There has been an increasing trend in remote work or work at home jobs. Being confined at home is a great opportunity to navigate those options. There are opportunities in such fields as online translation, voice-overs and so on that can be done from home.

Check out Fiverr.

With the rise of social media madness, it could also be an opportunity for you to showcase your talents from home. A few ideas that come to mind are such as 1-minute makeup videos, online cooking classes, and other ‘how-tos’.

Get healthy

Yes, you heard that one right! Getting healthy is easy and can be done from home.

Eat less

Knowing that typical helpings have increased by 31% from the 90s to the new millennium, it is a fact that we eat way too much.

As lockdowns mean that going out shopping is limited, it is the best time to cut down on food intake. Watch how much you eat and what you eat.

Here is a good guideline: medicalnewstoday


Exercising at home is easy and you don’t have to do it alone. You can make a motivational group with your friends and family, plan a daily workout plan and make it on a video call.

I am a big fan of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It works you out like hell, doesn’t require much or any type of equipment and will make sure you burn some calories!

Why don’t you start a 6 pack challenge with your friends for the coming weeks? Post your progress on social media and tag your friends; make it a bit more challenging!

Check out: SELF or SHAPE

Become vegetarian/vegan

Yup! Now is the best time. With most international trades going down, getting your Australian meat and Norwegian salmon won’t be that easy. Take this time to indulge in the plentitude of vegetables that you can get your hands on, especially prioritizing locally grown products.

15% of greenhouse gasses are produced by livestock which is a major concern when it comes to global warming. On top of that, breeding livestock is the main reason for global deforestation. Need more convincing? Watch COWSPIRACY.


Stay fit, look young and re-energize every day. Yoga has become more and more popular nowadays, though what we commonly call yoga is actually Asanas (postures) and part of the 8 elements that make up yoga. Don’t worry too much about the ins-and-outs of it though, you can just stay fit doing Asanas.

Check out: Beginners poses

More info about elements of yoga here.


A lot of research has recently been done on the benefits of meditation. From improved sleep to improved cardiac health, find your way to getting started here.

Grow your own

I have been watching with despair the buying spree that has been going on during the last few days. Worst of all was watching what people were buying.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is relatively easy and the internet is full of great guides on permaculture. It is a great way to become a minimum self-sustainable and to make sure that you know what is on your plate.

Beginners guide to growing in your garden here.

Beginners guide to growing in your apartment here.

Check out my simple Growing Organic Mint guide.

Train from home

If you are like me and enjoy the ocean, then freediving is the way to go for you. Now, don’t be scared thinking that you’ll have to dive to 100 meters and hold your breath for 10 minutes. My personal bests are very average compared to others with around 20 meters dive and 3:45 minutes breath holds.

Freediving for me is more about discovering myself along with being one with the ocean, so no competitive pressure here. It is a ‘sport’ that can easily be trained at home on your sofa or bed.

Check out this great short video by 8 times world champion Alexey Molchanov.

For more guides on freediving, please check out and follow one of my favorite freedivers Adam Stern.

If you are into other sports, I am sure you can find similar training to be done at home online.

Make a to-do list

And stick to it!

You know that there are a million things that you have to do from home DIY to simply sending an email to a friend you haven’t talked to for ages. Personally I have to repair that dripping hose pipe, fix the garden lights and clean the showerhead among other things; but most important of all is to hoover the bloody sofa that seems to contain more corona virus than out there!

Be responsible

Now that the environment is recovering and you are at home, please do follow family planning guidelines. We are already suffering from overpopulation, we don’t need a baby boom in 9 months. So be sensible, don’t destroy the future.

Please share this post and make sure to comment on how you are filling your confinement days from the corona virus.


  1. Great post!

    I also think this is a great time to increase productivity and do things that you were supposed to do long time ago in your home. Personally, I have painted my terrace table and deep cleaned the front and back gates. I’m also cooking a lot (freezing tupper wares for lazy days) and I’ve picked up a book I wanted to read for a long time now.

    I can’t wait to get out in the ocean and feel the water on my skin, but for the moment, I’m doing o2 and co2 tables at home to practice.

    Thanks for the post and all the tips, specially since they are meant for a more sustainable life style.

    Have a great day!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! There is so much to actually do. I’m doing my Co2 tables too along with getting through my second online course quicker.

      Take care and stay safe!

  2. Je ne m ennuie pas qd je suis chez moi! Cela permet de développer notre créativité enfin pour ceux qui ont la chance d avoir un logement. Merci pour ce partage.

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