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I am sure that by now you understand the importance of multitasking. And what better way to achieve this than with a great podcast! Podcasts for ocean lovers take many shapes and styles. Everything to suit your needs. Here we are going to look at those that will provide you with great content about marine life and those who love it as much as you do.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Marine Conservation Happy Hour

Marine Conservation Happy Hour podcast
Marine Conservation Happy Hour

We start our list with one of my favorite podcasts to listen to when doing random things such as doing the dishes or cleaning the house.

The Marine Conservation Happy Hour is a jolly one to listen to! I love the laid-back chilled vibes while tackling everything ocean-related! Here we will here talks about the life of marine biologists, ocean activists, and just those who contribute the best they can to protect what they love.

The talks give you a great insight into the reality of things from a marine biologist’s point of view. You can often read or hear the general point of view, but this one provides you with a real no bullsh*t perspective.

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2. Marine Mammal Science podcast

Marine Mammal Science Podcast

Get ready to be blown away! I love listening to the Marine Mammal Science podcast, especially when just chilling. It is the best thing ever when laying lazy on your sofa to chill.

What I love the most about the Marine Mammal Science podcast is that you never know what to expect. Of course, it is about marine mammals! But you know what is great about marine mammals??? Yes! That’s right, they are the loudest animals in the ocean; and in the case of the sperm whale, the loudest on the planet!

The Marine Mammal Science podcast is full of insights into the research and world of marine biologists. Mind-blowing work that will keep you stuck to your sofa for hours on end! I love when the talks are about whale songs and similar types of vocalization.

A real must for ocean lovers!

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3. This Ocean Life Podcast

This Ocean Life Podcast
This Ocean Life Podcast

Third, on our list is This Ocean Life Podcast. As I often say, you grow into a better person by focusing on those better than you; and yeah… there’s always someone to look up to!

This Ocean Life Podcast brings together a set of interviews of those not making the most of the beauty of the ocean. But not only that, they share with us how the ocean shapes their lives. With this podcast, you get a real insight into what it takes to really love the ocean. The ocean is no easy place for one to mature into a better person, yet it is the best.

This Ocean Life Podcast is my favorite motivational spike of the day. Whether you think you are doing enough or you think life in itself is hard enough, this podcast will remind you that there is so much more that you can do. A better you equals a better world around you!

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4. So you want to be a MARINE BIOLOGIST

So you want to be a marine biologist podcast
So you want to be a MARINE BIOLOGIST

Another great one in the world of marine biologists! This is very interesting in the sense that it is a lot of real-life talks. The view into the life of a marine biologist. What life is like, what they do, and more importantly how amazing it is.

We all, or at least most of us, want to make a difference while we are on this planet. If you are chasing fame and money, this one is not for you. This podcast is about the dedication of the few that put something greater than themselves in the pipeline. Here you will hear a lot about dedicating your life to your passion; the Ocean.

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5. Huberman Lab

Huberman Lab podcast
Huberman Lab

This one as you will soon discover is not about the ocean, but about you! For me, the Huberman Lab is essential to everyone’s life and thus appears here on the ‘best podcasts for ocean lovers’.

Why is that you may ask? Well, the answer is simple. As mentioned above, a better you equals a better world. You have to be willing to change your life in order to have any kind of long-term positive impact on the world you live in.

Dr. Huberman brings life-changing advice based on concrete scientific research. For example, the podcast on dopamine has completely changed my life. Dopamine controls motivation, and you are motivated to change the world and the ocean that you love so much. But how do you make that motivation last?

Listen to the Huberman Lab podcast and get ready for a life-changing experience. The rest will just follow through.

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